Last week I had the truly unique opportunity to participate in the INBOUND2022 event , organized and promoted by the giant Hubspot and essentially focused on Inbound Marketing , its technology and, above all, its methodology .

The event, which is held annually in the splendid setting of Boston , a maritime city of spectacular beauty, was a fundamental opportunity not only to come into direct contact with the philosophy of Inbound Marketing at an international level but also to create connections with others. professionals .

INBOUND2022 has developed on three different operational floors , all housed in a single, wonderful location.

On the one hand, visitors had the daily opportunity to participate in what in Europe we would call a ” sector fair ” and which, however, in the States, is organized in a completely different way. The operators were placed within a dedicated area , each at their own desk, and had the task – and the privilege ! – to tell and propose their products and services . These had in common a fundamental characteristic: that of being closely connected to the concept of Inbound Marketing . I therefore found myself faced with agencies that offered software to automate the creation of landing pagesperfect, rather than solutions to guarantee digital signatures directly within Hubspot’s CRM.

An entire corner in the available salon was dedicated to the Hubspot brand , so as to highlight the focus of its presence at the event . Dozens of consultants were daily available to the public to answer any questions.

The second key theme on which INBOUND2022 was developed was linked to motivational, training and lifestyle speeches hosted in a special theater. To make you understand the importance of speakers, it is enough for me to mention a few names: former first lady Michelle Obama , WWE star John Cena , Pixar president and co-founder Ed Catmull , Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth and, of course, Hubspot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah .

The last key to fully understanding the cultural and strategic significance of INBOUND2022 lies in the dozens and dozens of classrooms that covered the entire structure that surrounded the fair area: in them, it was possible to attend previously organized speeches and lessons every day. and structured according to different issues related to Inbound Marketing: from sales to innovation, from marketing to technology and so on. What particularly struck me about this phase of the event was the focus on which each of these lessons aimed: not the Hubspot software, but the Inbound Marketing methodology understood in its entirety.

About 21 thousand people from all over the world participated in INBOUND2022. The presence of the Italian community, with its forty sector operators, was more than satisfactory and above all proved to be the key vehicle for interesting and productive networking .

The quality of this event was very high in every detail . From the cultural level of the conferences to that of the operators at the fair, up to the organization of breaks in the external area of ​​the location. Here, in the open air, around twenty truck foods were constantly present, cooking typical dishes from all over the world, designed for every palate. Despite the large influx of people, no queue seemed to last more than five minutes and this allowed a rewarding and never hectic pause between one speech and another.

The days of the event were very intense , all extremely interesting. The concentration required of the participants was very high. By virtue of this, the organization of the evening events was flawless : from the open bar of the fair area to the exclusive and splendid parties organized in the many venues close to the location intended for the event and dedicated to Hubspot partners.

The splendid panorama of the sea at night was certainly not the only unforgettable moment of this fascinating week away!

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