Ludo is the favorite Indian household game, and everybody loves to play it. Over the years, Ludo has evolved from being a closeted game to a huge worldwide sensation. This is because rolling dice and moving pieces along a board is a very relaxing experience that most gamers realize they want to enjoy.

In the past few years, all board games have been made into compatible video games so that you can enjoy them on the go and not be restricted to playing them only inside your household. Ludo seemed to grab the most popular among them and quickly soared the charts by getting the most users.

Let’s look at some of the best Ludo games you should try at least once if you fancy playing board games online.

MPL Ludo

Ludo on MPL has probably been downloaded over a thousand times and is one of the best representations of the classic board game. On MPL, you can play more than one style of Ludo, so you will never get bored getting stuck to one variation of the game. The animations on this app are very realistic and do not fail or suffer glitches at any moment. You can get rivals at the swipe of a finger, and there is no shortage of players on this app, which is why you are bound to meet challenging people at every turn in the game. When playing Ludo Win, the number is automatically assigned to you, and you must play the tokens accordingly to grab a higher score than your opponent. You can still capture the opponent’s tokens in this format and increase your total valuation in the game.

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The best part about MPL is that you can earn rewards and money by defeating rivals online, so your time spent on this app has value. However, to enjoy this best form of ludo real money game, you must immediately visit their website and download this app on your device from the link available on the game’s homepage.

Ludo King

Ludo King is the best-rated game in the online marketplace and has incredible reviews across the internet. The game got so popular during the pandemic that it became the most played game in the world, with maximum online gamers crowding on its servers. The game is equally popular on both iOS and Android devices giving you one of the smoothest experiences that you will ever have of any latest classic board game. The game offers rewards to the daily players, and you can also play the game offline if you are not interested in battling online rivals. In the game, you get the option of creating a room that is unique to the app. You can add many players to this room and enjoy a private game with them. The chat feature also displays an amazing inclusion of emojis you will not find in other Ludo apps. You can play with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players on Ludo King; the UI is well made and suffers no glitches [providing you a smooth experience throughout.

Ludo Game: Super Ludo

Super Ludo is the best game that gives you a close authentic experience of Ludo for those who are more engrossed in their monitors than on phone screens. The animations and actions you can do on this game are a good refresher and distinctly different from other apps. The game is completely 3D, and the visuals are stunning. The live chat in the game is the most exciting feature as that is where all the fun happens. You can meet different players while playing this game, text them, and build relationships across borders. The gameplay is pretty fast, and that is what hooks most of the players. If you like elements of surprise and candid gameplay with humor, this is the best place for you to try Ludo online.

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Ludo All-Star

Ludo All-Star is one of the simpler games on this list. You can play with a maximum of 4 players on this app, and the game rules are similar to other games here. The developers have kept it clean and simple; their purpose is to serve a minimally experimented game of Ludo to the players since there is already a lot of variation available in the market. By logging into the app daily, you can earn many rewards that help you progress in the game. One of the demarcating factors of Ludo All-star is you can fight rivals and make them your buddies with whom you can chat later on. You also get a daily spin and a raid mode, so there is a lot to look into apart from the grounded style of Ludo playing.

Ludo World – Ludo Superstar

This game was released in 2019 and is one of the fan favorites on the list of best Ludo games. The gaming is the same as other apps, with the visuals being very cartoonish with a popping game board and animated tokens. The reason why you should play this game is because of the unique power mode that you can experience as an added feature. You will acquire many abilities starting with double-distance, a power that grants you the ability to double the score on your rolled dice. In addition, the protection shield, another ability, grants immunity to your chosen piece for one turn so that the opponent cannot capture it. Apart from these, there are many other powers that you will get to experience once you try the game for yourself. You should look up this game once if you have not already, and it should rank on your list of must-play Ludo games.

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Final Thoughts

This is one of the most thought-out selections of the best Ludo games you can play. Ludo has several benefits to its gameplay and is not just a simple game. Your brain gets amazing exercise whenever you play Ludo, and you should try playing it in your available pastime. So look up the games on this list in your leisure hours, and try playing as many as you can from the list.

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