Bosch Professional cordless blower GBL 18V-120 – a particularly versatile tool

In contrast to most models, this leaf blower can be used many times not only in the garden but also indoors. It is often bought and enjoys an above-average reputation among users.

Multifunctional and powerful


The blower generates an airflow of up to 270 km/h, with which wet leaves, hedge cuttings, chips, or dust accumulation can be successfully mobilized.


Special feature: The Bosch GBL 18V-120 blower comes with several attachment tubes, for example, to extend the standard blowpipe or to blow the dust precisely out of the boreholes and other hard-to-reach places.

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On the positive side, the very low weight of only 1.1 kg should also be mentioned, which makes this leaf and dust blower particularly handy.



The Bosch GBL 18V-120 blower is recommended to those who are looking for a multifunctional device and mainly have to do minor clean-up work in the garden and home.



  • Bosch Professional Series (suitable for commercial use)
  • Battery operation (unlimited range of motion)
  • Lightweight (1.1 kilograms)
  • Available with 3 ampere-hour battery
  • Extended scope of delivery (flexible expansion piece, pointed nozzle and extension piece)



  • Speed is not infinitely adjustable (two levels)
  • Without a battery and charger
  • Battery operation (limited runtime)
  • No suction function




Can batteries from other Bosch tools be used for GBL 18V 120 leaf blowers from Bosch Professional?

Yes, according to the manufacturer, the leaf blower is compatible with other 18-volt batteries
from the Professional series from Bosch.

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Does the leaf blower have a shredding function?

No, the Bosch Professional GBL 18V 120 does not have a shredding function.

What can the pointed nozzle be used for?

The pointed nozzle is suitable, for example, for cleaning boreholes or other hard-to-reach areas.

How loud is the leaf blower?

The maximum operating volume is 82 decibels.

Is the leaf blower suitable for removing pine needles on the lawn?

Yes, according to Amazon customer experiences, the leaf blower is suitable for removing pine needles on lawns.


Gardena AkkuJet 18-Li – compact cordless leaf blower


This leaf blower reliably removes wilted foliage from the lawns and garden paths. The model convinces with its moderate price and is rated predominantly positively by consumers.

Ergonomically built lightweight


The manufacturer advertises the low weight of the device because the laubläse AkkuJet 18-Li weighs only 1.3 kg and is, therefore, one of the lightest blowers on the market.


Thanks to a practical handle with soft and non-slip inserts, the Gardena leaf blower can be held securely under all circumstances.


The battery-powered motor generates an airflow at a speed of 190 km/h – this value is rather in the lower range so that primarily only dry fallen leaves and small branches can be moved. It should be borne in mind that there is no battery included in the scope of delivery. The compatible accessories must be ordered separately.

Conclusion and our recommendation


The Gardena AkkuJet 18-Li leaf blower is worthwhile for all garden owners who rely on mobility and have comparatively small amounts of garden waste to clear.


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  • Battery operation (unlimited range of motion)
  • Quiet (80 decibels)
  • Available with 2.6 ampere-hour battery
  • Optionally available as a wired leaf blower



  • Without a battery and charger
  • Battery operation (limited runtime)
  • No suction function
  • No information on blowing capacity and idle speed
  • No speed controller



How long does the battery of the AkkuJet 18 Li leaf blower from Gardena last?

According to the manufacturer, the battery has a runtime of up to 30 minutes.

Can a suction function be retrofitted?

No, a suction function cannot be retrofitted to the Gardena AkkuJet 18 Li.

How long does it take to charge the battery of the leaf blower?

According to the provider, the battery can be charged within 4 hours.

Is the handle of the leaf blower ergonomically shaped?

Yes, according to the provider, the handle is ergonomically shaped. That is, it is adapted to the anatomy of the human hand.

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