The Google Gravity Underwater trick transforms your computer and smartphone screen into a shark-infested aquarium filled with other fish. The website is designed to look like an aquarium, complete with sand, starfish, and naturally occurring water, and is similar to elgoog.im or elgoog. You cannot move objects with mr.doob Gravity Underwater Lava, as you can with the Google gravity water trick. Instead, you can move them by clicking on the water, holding the click, or tapping in Mobile and moving it in and out of the water. These clicks and moves will cause large or small waves to move everything in their path. The logo, buttons, or search bar will not sink no matter how hard you try.

What is a Google Underwater?

Understandably, you’re curious about Google Underwater Gravity. This is yet another of Google’s Easter eggs, and it’s pretty entertaining and intriguing. It enables you to immerse the entire search bar and webpage elements in a deep sea, or more precisely, an ocean. You can make waves and do other exciting things by clicking on the water.

How can I play Google underwater?

Furthermore, by allowing you to interact with animated features such as sharks, fish, coral animals, and other aquatic creatures, Google Underwater Gravity encourages you to learn more about aquatic life. It’s a fantastic way for students to have fun while learning about the aquatic world, and it would also aid them in preserving these aquatic creatures for future generations. As a result, schools should include these minor details in their curriculum.

How can I play Google underwater?

Google Gravity Underwater is a fun game that you can play by following these steps:

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How can I play Google underwater?

  1. First, go to google.com.
  2. Then, in your search engine, type “Google Gravity Underwater” or “Google Underwater.”
  3. Click the “I’m feeling lucky” button instead of the standard “Google Search” button.
  4. You’ve arrived in the fantastic universe of Google Gravity Underwater.
  5. Take advantage of your stay. All the elements are submerged in water, surrounded by a swarm of aquatic creatures.
  6. You can also make waves by clicking anywhere on the water.

Google’s Underwater Gravity You say, “I’m Feeling Lucky.”

To resolve the “I’m feeling lucky button” issue, only Google.com should be used, not any country-specific Google sites. You can look up the solution on Google. Enter Google into Google.com, and the answer will be the first result. Click here to reveal the “I’m feeling lucky” button.

After completing the preceding steps, you should be able to find the “I’m feeling lucky” button.

5 Google Magic Tricks that Work

A variety of web apps can be found on Google’s home page. These programmes are entirely safe to use and can be accessed anytime.

1. Google Antigravity

How can I play Google underwater?

Google Antigravity is another one of Google’s ruses. Google Antigravity is accessible in the same way that Google Gravity is. The interface is similar to Google’s gravity trick, but Google search will now barrel roll. You can move every button on the Google landing page using Google Anti Gravity. After using Google Anti Gravity, all of the buttons float freely on the page, as if they were free-floating objects in space.

Zerg Rush, Recursion, Thanos, Askew, Atari Breakout, Anagram, and Barrel Roll are other Google magic features available.

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2. Google Zero Gravity


The Google elements will be flipped in zero-gravity mode, and it’s as if everything has been turned on its head. You must also follow the same steps to activate this programme. However, before you click, I’m feeling lucky. Double-check that you typed in ‘google zero gravity.’

3. Google Underwater

How can I play Google underwater?

As the name implies, underwater is an interface that transports you underwater. You can add more fish to your screen here. There’s also a floating search bar and a mirror image of ‘Google.’ enter ‘google underwater’ before activating this software.

4. Google Sphere

How can I play Google underwater?

The Google elements are represented spherically in this interface. This programme follows the same steps and employs the exact search term, ‘google sphere.’

5. Google do a barrel roll.

How can I play Google underwater?

Google will turn 360° by performing a complete barrel roll from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. You can do the same thing here by typing ‘Google do a barrel roll’ and watching.


You can use Google techniques to have some fun while working in your spare time. Google Gravity Sphere, Google Underwater, Anti-Gravity, Zero Gravity and Google do a barrel roll are all appealing. Google underwater type,” and “putting some fascinating wallpaper to Google’s search page” shows the company’s wit and concern for its users. You can play a joke on someone who isn’t aware of Google’s tricks. Follow the steps outlined above to obtain any other Google tactics.

All of the Google float techniques are amusing and unique in their own right. Some people claim to be addicted to these tactics when they have free time. Leave a comment about your initial thoughts after using Google techniques.

Thank you!

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