What is 1 and 1 webmail?

1 and1 webmail is considered as a hosting company, which is located in Germany. 1&1 Webmail seems to be a completely operational email account that allows users to access as well as maintain your 1&1 emails; it helps you in both professional and private life. Commonly 1and1 webmail is also known as 1and1 ionos mail.

In many countries (USA, Spain, UK) the 1 and1 webmail will become the most popular service. 1and1 webmail system has been one of the world’s biggest website hosting consultants, with consumers throughout the world. In 1and1 webmail, we can see various services such as SSL certification, 1and1 webmail services, domain registrations, cloud hosting, Webmail builders, and so on. 1and1 webmail maintains its own data center in various locations such as Kansas, Europe, and Lenexa. Webmail 1and1 additional servers help to act as a safe and secure filter of all spammers as well as dangerous issues to mail.

How to register 1and1 webmail account

If you don’t have a 1and1 webmail account, then it’s simple to create. While creating an account we can find two types of accounts,

  1. Basic mail account.
  2. Business mail account.

Business mail is a paid account a business mail user has to pay $ 1 every month to access it. Here we are going to mention a step that is involved in the registration of 1and1 webmail,

  1. In the browser open the official website of 1and1 webmail or https://WWW.ionos.com/.
  2. Search for the office tab and email.
  3. Then need to choose an email address that indicates a professional and click on the package option to find available choices. There is a popup to select the package type; there is a basic package and business package.
  4. Based on your need select the one which you want.
  5. If you find the domain which you want it is ok, or you can search for the domain which you want.
  6. To register a 1and1 webmail account then enter a detail that is required.
  7. Enter the id name which you want by using a @sign.
  8. And then enter a password and re-enter.
  9. Finally, the account will be created by selecting the save option.
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How Do I log in to 1 and 1 Webmail?

How to register 1and1 webmail account

Users can sign up to 1and1 webmail by following few steps,

  • Open the browser which you regularly used on your mobile.
  • Search for a 1 and 1 webmail in a browser, to stack the site, type 1and1.com into your browser window and press the submit button.
  • https://www.ionos.com/. Helps you to reach the official site of webmail.
  • On the top right side of the display, you can find the log-in option, and tap on it.
  • Then there a login page with an option 1 and 1 IONOS.
  • Try scrolling down until you locate a log-in option, and then tap it.
  • The log-in details will be displayed.
  • Select the https://mail.ionos.com/. And open it to further access.
  • Then give your name and password, to register and to stay for a long time select remember me option to maintain continuous login.
  • To complete the entire process, tap on the login option, finally the login process will be done.

If there are any issues and problem while log in there is a solution for it, try to restart you mobile and make a stable internet connection or check a user name and password, still, you can’t log in to your account check a password or reset a password with the help of id. Even the mail will be not opening then make a contact with customer support by dial 480-588-2428, to find an issue.

How to reset 1and1 Webmail Login password

How to register 1and1 webmail account

If you forget or lost your webmail 1and1, then here we are going to help to find a way to set a new password to your mail. Many of us use mail as back support to get and share information do there is a need for a particular email, so it’s highly a need to maintain it, resetting a password is one of the best options whenever you lost it. Here we explain a step that helps you to find the best way to reset your 1 and 1 webmail password,

  1. Open the browser which is normally in use then go to the https://www.ionos.com/ or 1 and 1 webmail page.
  2. In the top right corner of the screen, you can find the log-in option (https://login.ionos.com/), click on it.
  3. The related option needs to give information such as I’d, user name, email address.
  4. After that you can password option under there is an option forgot password.
  5. Click on forgot password option.
  6. A new page will be appeared and enter a detail such as a user name, I’d, email address which is given while login in.
  7. Then tap on the option which indicates request a new password.
  8. A link will be sent to your mail which helps to set a new password.
  9. By opening the link, it redirects to set a new password to enter a password and re-enter the password again to confirm a password, the password must have 12 characters by using alphabets, symbols, and numbers.
  10. In the last stage tap on reset password to complete changing password process.
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Finally, you changed the 1 and 1 webmail passwords successfully.


Using 1and1 webmail is a good idea when you want it to increase or to start your business as well as it helps to use for personal information sharing. It becomes the biggest server and network with the best service.

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