History of OTT Platform

OTT full form: BIGFlix was established in 2008 by Reliance Entertainment in 2008, was the first non-profit Indian OTT platform. In the year 2010, Digivive introduced nexGTv, which was its initial Indian OTT mobile application that lets users stream live TV and streaming on-demand content. Between 2013 and 2014 NexGTv was the first application streaming Indian Premier League matches on smartphones. The live stream of the IPL has been instrumental in the growth of another OTT platform in India, Hotstar (now Disney+ Hotstar), since 2015, when the rights to broadcast the tournament were acquired.

When DittoTV (Zee) and Sony Liv were launched in the Indian market around 2013, OTT gained much traction. DittoTV was a show aggregator portal that broadcast programming from Star, Sony, Viacom, Zee, and other media companies.

What is OTT Full Form?

What is OTT full form, Popular OTT& Best 10 OTT apps in India

OTT Full Form is “Over the Top” and references every streaming platform that provides online content. The service is offered “over the top” of another platform, hence the name. The past was when customers were required to sign-up to a cable subscription, and the cable company was the one responsible for the delivery and accessibility of the programs. Nowadays, it is possible to sign up to services like Netflix as well as Spotify and then access their services through the internet. The cable provider provides an internet connection and cannot determine what content you consume. This has huge implications for advertising.

What is OTT marketing?

A lot of OTT services are operated on a pay-per-use basis. However, a significant amount also has advertisements offering tiered bundles which allow users to pay for ad-free or ad-free content. OTT marketing is similar to traditional media, with ads occurring between music or episodes. However, it’s delivered via streaming media available on OTT platforms.

There are two major OTT marketing setups: both service-side and client-side. When a server-side configuration is used, which uses a viewport, streaming media loads an advertisement before the film or episode is played. The ad is inserted seamlessly into the media frame in a server-side advertisement insertion, which means it isn’t possible to block ads. It is, however, a difficult technically option to allow server-side ad inserting, and it’s very rare.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of OTT Platforms

Advantages of OTT

OTT nowadays is replacing old TV set-top boxes and only TV extremely quickly due to its many benefits. If we talk about some of the biggest advantages, here are some advantages of OTP-

  • The most significant benefit of OTT is the ability to watch the content with no ads on it.
  • The content available on OTT is not subject to the seasons, so that you can stream any film or TV show at our convenience. Like when we wish to watch a movie, and the web series is on the TV, we need to watch the movie in accordance with the time of the TV.
  • On the OTT platform, we can watch the movie whenever we’d like to, and we’ll be able to enjoy the film on our schedule.
  • Another benefit of the OTT platforms is that it allows us to watch OTT videos on our mobiles, laptops, or laptop computers. Or even on our smart TV.
  • Today, we can watch almost all live TV content through the YouTube platform. This means that the expense of recharging the television on its own is conserved.
  • In the OTT platform, you’ll discover various content such as many TV shows, films, news, sports, music, and more.

Disadvantages of OTT

  • The internet is required to access any content available on OTT, and even now, the internet isn’t accessible everywhere at a good speed and is also costly.
  • If you cannot access certain content accessible on the OTT platform that you have signed up to, you’ll be required to shell out more money for a new OTT platform.

How does OTT service work?

  • OTT is not like the old satellite, broadcast or cable television platforms, and it operates via the internet.
  • The content available through the OTT service provider is delivered to the user based on the device they prefer to access the content at the subscriber’s request.
  • The top service providers make use of the Content Delivery Network, i.e. CDN, to deliver movies and TV shows to viewers.
  • OTT service providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime build their servers in various countries around the world so that their videos can be viewed easily from anywhere in the globe without trouble,
  • The other benefit of this CDN technique is that if an issue occurs in a specific location and only those in the area affected are affected by the issue. At the same time, people from around the globe can take advantage of the normal services.
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Popular OTT& Best 10 OTT apps in India

OTT services that are available in India are among the many that, if you’re not experienced with these services, it may be difficult to select the right one. The choice of the best OTT platform will depend on the type of content you’d like to stream. For movies, TV shows, and sports, you can choose Sony Liv and Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, which provide some of the top original films and shows. There’s Voot, MX Player, Zee5, and other OTT platforms available in India to access regional content. We’ve compiled this list that includes the 10 top OTT platforms that are accessible in India at the moment and the prices for their subscription plans and advantages. Have a look at:

What is OTT full form, Popular OTT& Best 10 OTT apps in India

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Disney+ Hotstar
  4. Sony Liv
  5. Zee5
  6. Mxplayer
  7. youtube premium
  8. HBO Now
  9. AltBalaji
  10. Sling
  11. Hulu
  12. VOOT app
  13. Jio Cinema

1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the Ott services. Netflix is a streaming service that provides an extensive selection of television shows, movies, documentaries, anime, and more on many connected devices. You can watch as many as you’d like, anytime you’d like, without having to watch a single advertisement – all at only one monthly fee. You’ll always have something fresh to watch, and new movies and TV shows are added each week!

You can stream Netflix on your phone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop, or other streaming devices for a fixed monthly cost. Plans start at Rs 149 to 649 monthly, and no extra charges, no contracts. You can watch it anywhere, at any time. Log in using your Netflix account to stream live on the internet at netflix.com on your personal computer or any device with internet connectivity that supports access to the Netflix app, including smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, streaming media players, and game consoles.

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Download your preferred shows using an iOS, Android, or Windows 10 app. Downloads allow you to stream shows while you’re travelling and without internet access. Bring Netflix everywhere you go.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has unveiled “Prime Video Channels” for the Indian market, providing customers access to an exclusive selection of video content on various streaming services. Amazon has launched the service using eight OTT platforms, and it will be accessible to all Prime customers at a reduced price. Amazon has stated that it plans to add additional channels to its platform. Prime Video channels service is currently available in several countries other than India in addition to Amazon is home to more than 350 OTT partners across the world.

Amazon Prime has hiked its price for membership by 50% beginning today in India, which means customers will need to pay Rs. 1,499 annually, compared to the earlier price, which was Rs.999. In addition, for the monthly and quarterly plans, customers will need to pay Rs 179 and 459 for these plans compared to the earlier cost of Rs 129 and the previous price of Rs 329.

3. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney plus Hotstar previously offered only two subscription options: the premium option and the VIP. The first one offered access to local and dubbed programs while the latter included the entire American collection of television shows. It has been decided by the company to change its VIP program instead of providing three plans to its customers.

Disney+ Hotstar normally starts at Rs. 499 per year. The streaming platform offers the plan for Rs. 899 “Super” plan and the most expensive “Premium plan” for 1,499. 1,499.


Moving over heavy traffic and spending time for tickets to watch the favorite movies in the city is quite difficult. OTT made us to watch favorite movies and series and enjoy the favorite food in the home. High quality Movies and series to watch favorite stars in the OTT made comfortable in the home. You can enjoy the entertainment sitting with family members in the home.

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