Power BI course includes new technologies that help to transform the unorganized data into meaningful and organized data to achieve better business results. Most companies are using BI tools to arrange their data. As most companies are switching to BI tools for organizing their data the demand for professionals skilled in Power BI courses is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is worth enrolling in a Power BI course with a renowned and trusted company to make a lucrative career in this field.

Career Opportunities for Power BI Skilled Professionals

Power Business Intelligence course helps an individual to develop decision-making skills for a company or a business. The skills and tools learned in the course help individuals to frame future actions for the businesses that help them to grow. Power BI has gained importance in the field of BI tools and multinational companies are looking for skilled Power BI professionals to manage the data of their companies. Power BI skilled professionals not only can get a chance to work with the top companies but can also get a handsome salary.

An individual who wants to become a certified professional for the Power BI course can join a Power BI program with a trusted company to learn it easily and properly.

Prerequisites for Becoming a Power BI Developer

You will need the following qualifications and skills for becoming a power BI developer:

  • You should have a degree in computer science or IT or have some equivalent qualification
  • You should know JavaScript, SQL, and CSS
  • You have a working experience of three years
  • You should have practical experience in handling data warehousing projects

The Role Played by Certified Power BI Developers

Power BI developers play an important role in a company. The main roles played by a certified professional in power BI include the following:

  • They have to develop data models as per the needs of a business or a company
  • They have to develop reporting models by analyzing data
  • They have to develop methods and plans to make documentation for various projects
  • They have to make customized visuals for Power BI
  • They have to use other applications along with power BI to embed analytics
  • They are responsible to make tabular and multidimensional models as per warehouse standard
  • They have to convert raw data into useful and informative visuals
  • They are also responsible to make DAX queries on the Power BI desktop
  • They must know about application security
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Why Power BI is an Excellent Career Option?

In the current scenario, Power BI has become the most popular trend. It has become difficult for business owners to manage their business operations. Therefore, they are looking for the tools and technologies that can help them to see their data easily and get proper insights from the available data. Power BI has become the most popular strategy that has helped businesses to operate their business effectively and successfully. Every company and industry is looking for Power BI-certified professionals. Skilled power BI professionals can find career options in different industries for various posts. They can work as Power BI developers, Power BI project managers, SQL server Power BI developers, Power BI consultants, Power BI administrators, Power BI managers, and Power BI Semantic Model Developers.

Why Power BI has Become More Popular?

Power BI has become very popular in recent years because most companies depend on the available data to make decisions and develop new strategies for their business growth. Therefore, it is important that companies have to analyze the latest trends, facts, and statistics before making any decision. Every company has a huge amount of data and it is not possible to handle such a huge amount of data manually. Therefore, companies prefer to hire the best technicians for their companies to handle the data properly and make plans.

In the market, a large number of tools are available to monitor data but power BI has become one of the topmost tools for visualizing data.

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Why Is There a Huge Demand for Power BI-Certified Professionals?

Power BI is a wonderful tool used for the visualization of the data. It has become the most important tool used worldwide. Power BI has been launched by Microsoft which has a big name in the IT industry. Power BI is a cloud-based tool and most companies have started using cloud-based technologies. Therefore, there is a wide scope for power BI-certified individuals in the future.

Companies that Can Hire You After the Power BI Course

Many top companies are looking for individuals who are certified in the Power BI course. The top 10 companies that can hire you after Power BI include the following:

  1. IBM Global Services
  2. Accenture
  3. TCS
  4. Infosys Limited
  5. HCL Technologies
  6. Hexaware Technologies
  7. Capgemini
  8. Wipro Technologies Ltd.
  9. Alliance Global Services
  10. Cognizant Technology

Benefits of Using Power BI

Power BI has become the leading tool in today’s market. The course offers knowledge of different tools to analyze data and business intelligence. Some reasons or benefits of using Power BI are:

  • The course offers different source connectors. There are multiple course connectors available that can help you analyze the data properly.
  • The tool is easy to use and it provides a cheap option to manage the data of a company
  • The tool offers easy accessibility and can be operated from anywhere. You can also use the tools from the comforts of your home to manage the data of a company.
  • You can easily share data with the other team members in an easy-to-use and understand format.


Power BI is an emerging tool in the IT industry and individuals certified in the course can find a large number of job opportunities in the market. The course will not only provide you with a great opportunity to achieve success in your career but will also give you a job with a handsome salary. It is growing rapidly and will continue to grow further as more and more top companies are looking for power BI-certified individuals.

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