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More and more often we hear about Big Data , a term that indicates a very high volume of structured and unstructured business data, especially in the marketing and IT fields. However, it is not only the amount of data that counts, but also how it is used: managing Big Data also means knowing how to use adequate data analysis tools with the aim of obtaining the information necessary to grow the business and competitiveness of the company.

Pending the 2019 report, 2018 is also confirmed as a year of growth for the Big Data Analytics market in Italy. In full transformation towards the concept of data driven company, companies are seizing the potential of the strategic opportunities that Big Data can offer.

The Italian market in 2018 reached a total value of 1.393 billion euros, marking + 26% compared to the previous year, with a result that confirms the strongly positive trend of recent years (the Big Data sector has grown on average by 21 % every year).

Big Data: what they are

Big Data – literally “big data” – is a large amount of information that the digital transformation underway is creating and circulating inside and outside companies.

The concept of Big Data was introduced in the early 2000s by Doug Laney, an industry analyst, with the formulation of the 3 Vs of Big Data

Volume . Companies find themselves collecting a large amount of data from the most diverse sources (financial transactions, sensors, social media, etc.);
Speed . The data travels at very high speed and, for this reason, it is necessary to manage them in a timely manner or even in real time;
Variety . The data is manifested in different formats from structured and numerical data to unstructured ones such as text documents, videos, e-mails, audio.


To date, the model has been enriched by two other variables. Among experts in the sector it is customary to say “Bad data is worse than no data”: the fourth variable is in fact the truthfulness according to which the data must be reliable and well-founded, always maintaining the quality and integrity of the information as a fundamental pillar of analyses. Finally, the variability has been added, that is, the need to take into account the changing meaning of data coming from different contexts and in different formats.

Pyramid of knowledge and Big Data

The importance and usefulness of Big Data is closely linked to their use: if analytics are combined with large amounts of data, it is possible to determine in real time the causes of problems or failures, develop new products and optimize the offer for customers and many other key actions for a company.

As far as data management is concerned, the knowledge pyramid model inserted within the Knowledge Management (KM) is very useful. This term refers to the management and sharing of knowledge which, following the digital revolution , has been transformed into the set of strategies and methods for identifying, collecting, storing and making accessible the data that are part of an organization through information technology tools.

Thanks to the knowledge pyramid model , we try to categorize and simplify the key concepts involved in cognitive processes with the aim of creating computer systems capable of managing large amounts of data. The pyramid is built on a hierarchy called DIKW (Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom), made up as follows:

Data . The foundation consists of a very large base of raw data;
Information . Going up to the top of the pyramid, the data are subjected to a process of aggregation and contextualization: information in fact is the choice of placing the data in a reference context;
Knowledge . Information does not turn into knowledge until it is related to the knowledge and experience of a specific subject;
Wisdom . Finally, at the top we reach the wisdom that presupposes a cognitive level that moves away from the application of a specific field.

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Big Data is also a fundamental tool in the SEO field : in fact, Big Data can refine digital marketing strategies , constituting a key support for SEO and content marketing experts.

The basis of any successful online marketing campaign is in-depth keyword research : the use of Big Data is useful in identifying what potential customers are looking for on the web and with which keywords.

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