What are the news that we should expect, in this 2022 , in terms of Digital Marketing ? Some suggestions and suggestions regarding the trends of the coming months had already reached the end of 2017 , especially to the ears of experts and professionals in the sector . Some – if not all – of these main trends may therefore not be surprising. However, it is essential to summarize them to follow and calibrate the activities to be carried out from January to December.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data : they are confirmed as very important also for 2018 and, probably, they will have an even greater impact on online marketing. SalesForce confirmed that 57% of marketers are already actively using AI tools and an industry peak of 53% is expected for the next two years. Specifically, everything will be focused on the transformation of information data with consequent “recalibration” of the business activities to be carried out, precisely on the basis of what is presented by Big Data.
  2. Video: the rise of video in digital marketing continues, above all thanks to Google which still focuses heavily on YouTube through new promotional tools for companies. Obviously, with the increase in connectivity and its performance, video has transformed over time into one of the most loved and favored digital tools by users, thanks to its interactivity and unparalleled visual appeal, as well as its ability to tell engaging the brand history and conveying information content in an immediate way. However, it seems that the next few months will all be marked by the live broadcast, as already suggested by the live videos much favored in 2017. Not only Youtube, but also Instagram and Facebook hold this method of communication in the highest consideration and Facebook, in particular,
  3. Personalized ads on Facebook and Instagram: It is well known that the advertising platform of these social media is becoming more and more important, but an increase in engagement with these tools is expected for the current year as well. If we keep in mind that more than half of Instagram users (mainly women up to 35 years of age) follow at least one brand on the platform, it is inevitable to understand how the proposal of personalized announcements becomes increasingly important, especially considering that almost all social networks media no longer focus on organic research but on content sponsorship. Therefore, an increase in the quality of paid ads is expected, aimed at significantly increasing the engagement rate. The social publishing plan, alone, is no longer enough.
  4. eCommerce : the constant triumph of Amazon and similar platforms allows us to understand how online shopping is carving out an ever greater space in the users’ satisfaction. Amazon will therefore tend to expand further thanks to a new user experience: from reviews to related products, from free returns to offers. ECommerce is a giant not to be underestimated, and companies will have to take it into account if they want to sell online, improving the experience both online and offline, focusing on the quality of the user’s experience.
  5. Voice search : it is one of the trends confirmed also for 2022 and goes hand in hand with an increasingly massive use of mobile devices. The new technologies will be more and more audiocentric and will essentially be based on the so-called “voice first” interactions. By 2023, it is estimated that 50% of searches will happen this way.
  6. Content Marketing : it remains essential also for 2022 and still has the essential function of creating a unique interaction between companies and web users. Starting from the data obtained, this strategy will create the real competitive advantage for online brands, as also confirmed by the 2017 data: 70% of people prefer to get in touch with a brand through an article, rather than with an ad. payment. Remember that good content marketing targets many channels and uses a variety of tools: from articles to infographics, from tutorials to podcasts, from landing pages to whitepapers and so on.
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